International Canadian Recruitment is world’s top recruitment agency and HR solutions provider

If you are looking for the top recruitment agencies in Canada, then look no further than International Canadian Recruitment. We serve people from a wide variety of backgrounds and having different requirements, such as human resources personnel or consultants, multinational organizations, Fortune 500 companies, students, interns, and professionals from different industries.

We have been serving clients from around the world find the perfect employment with top Canadian and global companies. We have collaborated with the finest Canadian companies, including Fortune 500 companies, to find the talent that is best suited to their environment and requirements.

As one of the most renowned recruitment agencies Canada, we have a strong team comprising of HR professionals, top-notch recruiters, management consultants and strategists that leave no stone unturned to find the perfect fit between employer and employee. We have consistently provided world class services across the board to different sectors in different roles, starting from entry-level roles to top executive positions.

International Canadian Recruitment is the trusted intermediary for hundreds of clients around the world. We recruit professionals for different positions, ranging from temporary to permanent or a contractual basis. Some of the industries that we have successfully placed job aspirants in are the healthcare industry, banking and financial services, the engineering and manufacturing sector, information technology, human resources, procurement and supply chain, legal firms, marketing companies, the oil and gas industry, and academia, among many others.

We have a thoroughly meticulous, systematic, and scientific methodology for recruitment which helps to optimize and streamline the process, ensuring that all resources are utilized to their maximum potential. We ensure that the time-to-hire is significantly reduced and costs for advertising and networking through other channels are reduced as well.

Our expert board of advisors and professionals work together to ensure that both employers and employees find what they are looking for!

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