We Help the Real Estate And Construction Industry Find the Best Professionals

The real estate and construction industry plays a vital role in the growth of every nation. They require professionals with a specific skill set, who are qualified, experienced, and dedicated to help grow the company while serving customers. International Canadian Recruitment is proud to be the number one choice for real estate and construction companies both locally and globally.

Our vast network of contacts combined with our comprehensive database of both professionals and businesses ensures that both employers and employees find the right fit. We recruit in all kinds of roles, from permanent to temporary and contractual positions. We also recruit professionals for companies as diverse as consultants, developers, contractors, service providers, designers, etc.

The positions that we have successfully recruited for in construction include development directors, head of construction, estimators, assessors, surveyors, project managers, etc. In real estate, we have a database of the best in advisory, asset management, property development, building surveyors, leasing, cost management, etc. In facilities management, we specialize in finding talent to fill roles in health and safety, TFM, general management, soft and hard services, commercial management, mobilization, etc.

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