Engineering and Manufacturing Recruitment Agency in Canada to Find Right Candidates and Companies

International Canadian Recruitment is the agency of choice for companies looking for the best engineering recruitment agencies Canada. We help them find the right candidates to fill in diverse roles and portfolios in the engineering and manufacturing industries. Candidates all over the world also trust us as the best engineering recruitment agencies Canada to help them find the best match for their experience, interest, and skills.

We understand the requirements and aspirations of both employers and employees and seek to exceed the expectations placed on us. We have been consistently delivering on our promises to countless candidates and companies across the world, which has further helped to consolidate our reputation as the best in the field.

Our consulting team and advisory board engage in effective recruitment strategies that range from niche recruitment websites, personal referrals, targeted advertising, as well as utilizing our global and local database of the brightest talent and the best companies. We serve almost all the fields within the engineering and manufacturing industry, such as chemical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing processes, etc.
Since our recruitment specialists have experience and expertise in the technical aspects of these engineering fields, they are better placed to understand the unique requirements of both job seekers and companies and are able to fulfill them better.

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