Placing the Smartest Minds in Academia

The world of education is one that plays an important role in the development and growth of every country in the world. At International Canadian Recruitment, we understand and respect the value that professionals in academia bring to every position. We also understand how important it is for the educational sector to find the brightest and smartest talent to lead the new generation.

Professionals in academia also contribute in unique and irreplaceable ways to the corporate environment, which is why highly skilled and trained academia staff is in high demand across various corporations, both locally and globally. Our team of recruitment professionals takes great pride in connecting academia professionals across various roles that would harness their potential.

Whether it is in educational institutions or corporate environments, we ensure that each and every role is filled with the right candidate that will be most invaluable to the growth of the organization or institution. We also help professionals in academia find the right role to fulfill their passions and aspirations.

To find out more about how we can help you find the perfect employee for your position or how we can help you find your dream job, you could: